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featuring amber, polish artefacts & sculptures

Traditional Polish Amber, Art & Artefacts - direct from Poland!

Poland is renowned for its folk art and artefacts, amber jewellery and art, and we have sourced some of the most unique items & collections for our gallery, direct from Poland. Polish Amber is considered the "Gold of the North" or "Gem of the Baltic", and dates back to nearly 44 million years - some of the amber pieces on display holds insects dating back to prehistoric days!

Browse through the gallery and learn about Polish culture and customs, with seasonal and unique arts, gifts and artefact, as well as exclusive artwork, glass paintings and tapestries. Two traditional folklore dresses (male and female) are also on display - gifts given to us by the Polish Goverment, for you to enjoy.

*Please note: The Gallerie is closed to the public - simply for our in house guests to peruse and enjoy.

Polish Culture, Artefacts, Amber, Jewellery...direct from Poland

Book your Polish Experience Now.
Book your Polish Experience Now.